Friday, January 22, 2010

Ok so it has been way to long since I put pictures up or said anything on my blog.
Lots has happen. Kenzie loves school more everyday. She got a DS for Christmas and she love playing with it. Kayla just started to go to preschool on the fifth of this month. The first couple of days were hard for her but the next week she did very well. She even gets to ride the bus to school now, and she loves that. She going to preschool because of her speech. She will go as long as she need to and its free. YEA! Kord just gets bigger and bigger everyday. He now loves the idea that he can army crawl around the house. He can get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth but if he want to go somewhere he will fall down on his tummy do the army crawl and off he goes. He can get to a sitting position from being on his tummy or back and he does that very well too.

Ruben is still working for his older brother Garrett. They just moved last Oct. to a new office and everybody seem to like it. Instead of it being an open office they each have their own private office with a door. The only bad part is Ruben has a longer drive to work. I have not seen the office yet :( As for me, I love being at home and watching my kids grow and learn new things everyday. I am very lucky to have a husband who allowes me to stay home with the kids and raise them. Even though at times he thinks I need to get a job. But I keep putting my foot down and remind him I need to be at home with the kids, and so that what I am doing. We keep having blessing after blessing.

We have a big storm in Arizona now (for this week at least) Yesterday it blew down the top part of our neighbor tree. So now they are going have to cut that tree down. Then last night during the night one of our big willow trees blew over. That made me so sad. Now we have to take that one out. We may or may not get another one. Here are a few pictures I thougth I would share.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We have more grass grown there now. This was taken last week.

I cant remember when the last time we had some grass here maybe never. Well two weeks ago we had a friend came and planted new grass in our back yard and now we have grass growing in the shade under our orange tree. Yeah.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kord loves this toy. We can't leave the house without it.
Here is Cedar, he is now 8yrs. old . I think Kenzie took this picture.
Kayla loves her tricycle, haha.
Kenzie is getting ready to jump rope backwords.
Drawing on the sidewalk, and a little on themseves.
Kord is a happy layed back baby. I just love it when he smiles, his whole face lights up.
Kayla playing here comes the Bride. (she's having fun)
Kenzie took this pic. of Kord.
And this too. She is becoming quite the photographer.

Here are some more pictures. This one Kenzie she took of her self. She is much better at taking picture than I am. We might just have to get her a camera for Christmas?

Friday, September 18, 2009

I love this one all three are smiling Kord is 3 months

Ok I said I will put some pictures up when we get back the computer in the living room back. Well it been back for a while and I am now just doing the pictures. They are mostly of Kayla and Kord. Didnt get to many of Kenzie this time but next time I will. With Kenzie in the brown shirt is her first day of 2 grade. Hope you guys will have fun looking at them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

More updates from the Hatches family

well I know I haven't put up any pictures or said anything in my blog for a long time. and that is for 2 reason one the computer I used in the living room Internet doesn't work so I have been using Ruben lap top so there for I can put any pic. up. and the other reason why is I have been very busy.
Here a update.
First of all we been told that our ward and others ward are going to split up. One ward is no longer a ward cause they have not been very many people in there so the rest of the ward in the Stake got new family and everything. We no longer have numbers we all have names.
Our ward is now called the Mesquite ward and not Alma 6 ward. One good thing that came out of this is for our church and the 2 others don't have the 1:00 any more. So now we only have the 9 and 11 YEAH.
So along with all this change we still have the same bishop and 2nd council and a new 1 one. Everybody who has a calling has been release and so that going to be a big change when we get to go to our own ward next week. (that is if we come back in time from Snowflake).

Ruben been working hard at his job. He have more clients now and so he been working a lot from home still to.

Me I am staying busy with all three of our kids. Just having fun being home. And I just lovvvve my new car. It is so nice to have a mini van with room for the kids and for Cedar to. Just last week and the week before we went to Snowflake. 2 weeks ago we went up for to do some corn, than last week I had a baby shower to go to. and we might be going up again this weekend to do the peaches if they are here or just for fun.

Kenzie loves school. She is now in 2 grade. She loves her new teacher and she calls her classroom the jungle room. Every day she get some monkeys money and at the end of the week they can buy something out of the treasure box if they have enough money. So far Kenzie got two things. one is a top with a marker, and the next thing she been saving her money for because she wanted it very bad is a slap bracelet. (they are still around)

Kayla what can I say she loves to be very independent at anything and everything. About 2 weeks ago or something like that she wanted me to get mamma mia down so she can watch it. I had told her I cant get it now but when I am done feeding Kord I can get down and put it on. that didn't work out so good the next thing I knew she came walking back into the living room with the movie in her hand( I have that movie on the very top shelf of the bookshelf) So she get into anything and everything if I don't get to it right away. She is getting better with Kord and cant wait till he get big enough for him to play with her. Other than that she will play with Cedar most of the day or by herself.

Kord is getting so big now. It hard to think that as of this Tuesday it will be 4 months ago I gave birth to him.(where did the time go) He looks more and more like Ruben and he is now 16lbs. (I will know for sure on Wednesday that how much he weigh with me holding him.) He can roll over on one side put cant get his arm out from under him. He smile more and think anything and everything is funny. He just a good boy and very lay back.

That the update. I hope everybody is doing great and having a good fall so far. I'll try to remember to put some more pic up later when my computer is doing what I want it to do.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well I haven't done any updates on my blog so now I guess will be a better time than never.

Ruben is doing great he still work for his older brother selling Ins. He works mostly from home now and that have been very nice because we get to see him more than we did before. He is still in YM and love it. He has 3 boys now. On July 11-18 he had gone to boys camp (mom and Katie came down the following Monday). He came home a day early and we were all so happy to see him. He a great husband to me and father to his kids.

As for me WOW I have been busy.Had a baby in May. Trying to get the hang of taking care of three kids. Clean the house,cook,feed the baby,helping Ruben out with work and the list goes on and on. But I do love being a mom for three. The statement of taking care of 3 kids is hard. IT IS SO TRUE. I am no longer the Nursery leader (been that for 2-3 yrs cant remember been to long) I miss that calling some days and others not so much. Just last Thursday I left Ruben with all 3 kids and whent to go see the play Wicked. It was a very good play. Kord would not take a bottle for Ruben so he was still awake and very hungry when I came home. Glade I whent and Ruben watch all the kids. Hope he now knows how buys it is for me.

Kenzie is just growing so big. She will be going into 2 grade this year. Her best friend Page is not in her class this year. They both are kinda sad about that but we still are car pulling with her mom so they do still get to see each other all the time. She turn 7 on May 24 and for her birthday she wanted a new bike so we got her one. She was so happy to get one. and it is her fav. color to PURPLE. She hasnt been swimming alot this summer and she miss that so bad. So whenever she gets to do it she is so happpppy.

Kayla she is getting so big to. She have no fear of anything. Love to get into everything and anything. When mom and Katie came down this summer for 2 days mom got to see that Kayla get into everything and anything she says to me it no wonder why you cant get anything done she keep you on your toes. She loves to watch what I am doing in the kitchen and help to.

Kord well he came here on May 15 at 2:54 in the morning. With hair on his head. He was 7 lbs adn 7 oz 20 1/4 in. long. He is a very good baby. He eats every 3 hrs and only wakes up once during the night to eat (which is about 2:00 or later. He goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00) The girls just love him so much sometime they cant get enough of him. Kenzie is a very good helpper. If I cant get to Kord right away she will go and pick him up hold him and sit with him and he is a happy baby(Kenzie will be a great mother) Kayla wants to help out to so sometime she will try to change his diapper by herself than I have to go and fix it. He is a big boy now. Just before he turn 2 months he is the biggest baby now than my girls were he is 12lbs and 13oz. WOW. But I have been told that boys are bigger and taller than girls. It is true.

That the updates. I will post some picture up hope you will have fun looking at them.